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About Warantia

About us

Warantia’s mission is to assist yachts by providing them with supply wherever they are.

Warantia was founded by a group of professionals who wanted to help the Captains and Head of Departments who are in the yachting world to get the parts needed to maintain a yacht faster and more efficiently. Today, Warantia stores a large number of products most commonly used on yachts. It has cooperation with many suppliers, and various companies whose products are needed on every yacht. Warantia believes that we can assist, and with numerous support we continue with our work, making the organization on each yacht simpler and more efficient.

Our services include providing quotations and free consulting, as well as storage and delivery across the Europe, and other parts of the world. We assist our customers in Deck, Interior, Galley and Engine departments to ensure that their parts and equipment are delivered in the fastest and most economical way. Our customers can always rely on our premium service.

And this is just the beginning. Yacht supply in Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, France, Germany, Greece and Spain already exist and although Warantia has a large network so far, it continues to expand and continues to increase the supply for more and more yachts. Which is ultimately our goal, but to keep our service / supply at a high level – that’s the future we want.


Your order can be delivered anywhere – whether it is urgent delivery or the most economical. Let us know and we will arrange delivery to your locations.

Support with the purchase

The Warantia team of enthusiastic experts is always happy to help you with your order. At the earliest convenience , we will send you a quote for the requested goods or service.

Delivery, Packing and Handling

We inspect, evaluate and certify your products to ensure that your purchase order follow good distribution and works efficiently as possible. Regardless, of weather it is shipment of parcel or small item, your order will be delivered directly to your yacht.

Logistic Support

The headquarters of the organization are in Antibes and Split, from where we manage the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption, to meet customer requirements.